International Bank Activities Reform Commission Investigates China Foundation

International Bank Activities Reform Commission

Investigates China Foundation

By Alex S. Gabor


On February 9, 2008 an offshore informant published a story about Jason Dallas and Robert Palm. The Offshore Informant is actually a front for a man who works for Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) in Paris. They have close ties to the secret service and the central intelligence agency with agents embedded within the United States Government.

According to sources within the Secret Service, the CIA, FBI and the Justice Department, various agencies around the world have been tracking the movements and investigating Jason Dallas and Robert Earl Palm for more than thirty years. 

It all started in 1981, the year the man who would be destined to become the world’s first trillionaire, first made contact with Jason Dallas in a Vancouver B.C. hotel lobby.

According to Gabor S. Acs, one of the original founders of the Victoria B.C. Corporation still known today as Advanced Capital Services Corporation, Gabe as his friends like to call him, was then known to Dallas and Palm as Gabriel A. Acs, , who was in fact a one third owner of Advanced Capital Services Corporation.

ACS was started on the notion of conducting a currency arbitrage business and within thirty days of operation, Dallas and Palm were making currency trades with Russian Rubles and American Dollars through a third party bank in Budapest, Hungary.

When the Secret Service, the CIA, the FBI, and the Justice Department’s, more than 20,000 employees were deployed to find the paper trails of such notable firms as ACS, First Republic Bank of the Marshall Islands, First Pacific Bank, First Colonial Bank, and the ACS MASTER TRUST little did they know that more than $130 Billion in Canadian Assets would eventually come under the Trusteeship of none other than Robert Palm and Jason Dallas through the China Foundation.

The fact that most major media have been slammed hard by falling ad revenues, scandalous news coverage, and corrupt writers and editors,  makes it interesting that the stories of Jason Dallas and Robert Earl Palm could possibly become the most major news events of the new millennium if enough mainstreamers can figure it all out. After all, sex and money go a long way to selling anything, including the Passion of Christ.

While certain officials of the United States Government allege that approximately 6,000 people had become victims of Robert Palm and Jason Dallas between 1998 and 2000, the paper trails and connections between Gabor S. Acs and Advanced Capital Services seem to end in 1988.

Most people tend to overlook the fact that the Federal Reserve Banking system has made victims of more than 7 billion people around the world by the fiat money systems they created through debits and credits electronically created out of nothingness where nothing, not even the labor of the bankers themselves, can support any real value behind their form of money called the dollar which was originally a Hungarian word for money. In Magyar circles it is called the Dole-our.

In 1988, the ACS MASTER TRUST was set up when Dallas and Palm agreed to a buyout of Acs’ one third interests in Advanced Capital. In documents obtained through the International Bank Activities Reform Commission’s Justice Department more than $2 billion in assets consisting of mining stocks, currencies from the Philippines, Russia, Poland, and other countries was put on the books of ACS after the United States Government shut down more than 200 banks in the Marshall Islands in 1987. 

Gabor S. Acs, the former Hungarian Financier who made an $8.8 billion bet with George Soros over George Bush’s reelection campaign, and who is now on welfare in America, was a one fourth owner of the First Republic Bank of the Marshall Islands, which was initially capitalized by $40,000 by Gabor, a Seattle retired builder named Rostad, an Asian Architect, and a Philippine employee of the Seattle Department of Land Use and Construction, Tony Tagavilla.

Gabor S. Acs was by then at the same time as he was employed by Bank of Redmond and later Puget Sound Bank, the lead Attorney in Fact and exclusive agent for the First Republic Bank of the Marshall Islands which started with a zero interest deposit with the government there in the amount of ten thousand united states dollars and funds paid to Jerome Schneider, formerly of Century City, California in the amount of $30,000 in July of 1983, just two months after Acs filed his first bankruptcy in Federal Bankruptcy Court in Seattle for debts amounting to $10 million when got scammed by foreign phony letters of credit. Acs has filed bankruptcy three times and was officially declared the world’s first trillionaire by the Infinite Freedom Foundations of Earth International.

Jerome Schneider was later indicted on conspiracy and money laundering charges and for promoting large scale tax avoidance schemes using offshore banks as tax havens and international tax law violations.

 It is estimated that more than 2,000 news reports on the subject of Robert Palm and Jason Dallas exist pointing to the China Foundation being responsible for lossess of more than Two Hundred and Fifty Billion US Dollars from the later collapse of First International Bank of Granada, the successor in possessions of assets but not liabilities for the First Republic Bank of the Marshall Islands through the ACS MASTER TRUST, managed by Palm and Dallas.

By the year 2000 Acs had ventured into the penny stock market, while Palm and Dallas kept up a steady pace of forming new entities around the globe, always staying two steps ahead of any federal or international criminal agents who might seize the assets or try to use them for evil purposes such as the Octodragon is want to do at all times prior and henceforth to this day going forward.

Between the years 2002-2007 reports kept circulating amongst criminal police organizations in Canada, Poland, Hungary, United States, and most every government agency on the planet, that Palm and Dallas were the head of an international large scale business financial crime network which began in 1997, almost a decade after Gabor S. Acs disconnected from Palm and Dallas when they refused to honor a check in the amount of $129,000 payable to the Internal Revenue Service drawn on the Master Trust of Advanced Capital Services.

When Gabriel A. Acs as he was known back then failed to pay the ten day demands of the IRS he quitclaimed more than $20 million worth of real estate in King, Snohomish, Pierce, Whatcom Counties in Western Washington back to the original owners he had purchased them from, shut down his Source Mortgage Company, and resigned from every position he held as a stockholder or director of any public or private corporation in North America.

Prior to that, in 1987, Advanced Capital Services had lost over a billion dollars in a single arbitrage transaction which Bank of America seized from a foreign Swiss Banker’s Secret Bank Accounts, a key tested wire transfer which was supposed to collateralize certificates of deposit bearing interest at 14 per cent interest issued by Bank of America for one year.

There has been no law enforcement intervention into the actions of Palm, Dallas or Bank of America, despite the fact that Gabor filed bankruptcy showing assets of over one billion, most of them traceable to the First Republic Bank and Advanced Capital Services, and liabilities of less than one million dollars in 1993. The Bankruptcy case was dismissed in 1993 when his ex wife, Kenny Lynn Tiger, refused to testify against Gabor as to the whereabouts of all his hidden assets to the Bankruptcy Trustee.

Now the International Bank Activities Reform Commission is investigating the China Foundation whose assets are rumored to be in the hundreds of billions. Is this where Gabor S. Acs’s Master Trust lies?

We will continue to keep our public readers informed on these matters as long as Yahoo Associated Content does not censor our stories we will publish them exclusively at sites who are joint sponsors of the International Peace Concerts.

Meanwhile Bank of America has been added to the $Five Hundred Trillion Dollar Class Action Lawsuit filed by the Infinite Freedom Foundations against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.


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